3 Secrets for Brand New Freelancers

3 Secrets for Brand New Freelancers

Let’s say you’re new to the world of freelancing, you just quit your job, or you’re looking to start anew. The gig economy, namely freelancing, is booming right now as more people than ever before pivot their business online amid the coronavirus uncertainty. That means that right now is a perfect time to get in on the online action.

Most people are afraid of freelancing, figure it’s not reliable, or just plain don’t think they can do it. It’s too “foreign” to them since it’s not exactly something we were taught in school. After 5-years of steady 6-figure income, I am here to tell you freelancing is reliable, lucrative, and something everyone should consider.

What are my secrets for those just starting out? I’ve boiled it down to three tips:

  1. Charge Cheaply At First: No matter what you think your work is “worth,” you have to earn your keep on freelancing sites. Charge cheaply so you can amass reviews. Reviews will provide your profile with momentum down the line so you can raise your prices dramatically and start earning a good living. This is what I did two-years into the journey.
  2. Offer Bundled Deals: Never allow a buyer to think you can only offer them one thing. If they buy a blog, tell them you can write a press release announcing the blog and a newsletter they can send out. Upsell yourself and make sure the buyer knows you can handle ALL of their copywriting for them. This will also force you to learn about new styles of writing you can sell.
  3. Stalk the Competition: I don’t mean literally stalk them – but I do mean virtually stalk them. Check in on your closest competitors and see what they are charging. Check every week. Watch how they market themselves, word their services, and interact with clients. Allow them to inspire you to work harder and do better.

All three of these things contributed to my $350k per year revenue on Fiverr. This is arguably the most important article you will read all week! Check out Fiverr through my home page to get started.

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