Three Exciting New Online Courses Expected for Fall 2020

Three Exciting New Online Courses Expected for Fall 2020

Hey guys! I am finally back from Utah where I just wrapped up filming three different online courses. The production team is working hard to finish and bundle the courses to be available as soon as Labor Day Weekend. I will have plenty of marketing material to share with you before then and keep you updated on what’s to come.

What are the courses?

I am glad you asked!

  • Freelancing on Fiverr Course: I created a tell-all course about freelancing on Fiverr and everything you need to know to make money on Fiverr. It’s equipped with essential screensharing files that’ll make it easier than ever before for you.
  • Copywriting Course: Want to learn how to make BANK as a copywriter? I created an entire course that goes over the basics of making it as a freelance writer. I also provide tips to help you scale your business into the 6-figure realm.
  • Freelancing for Kids: Did you know kids as young as 13 can freelance on Fiverr? I made a course for kids’ ages 12-20 that breaks down everything they need to know about the gig economy and how they can make money before they graduate from high school.

I also filmed a free bonus webinar that will be included with the first two adult courses. With these courses, I will have a one-on-one coaching package for those wishing to really take their businesses to 400k per year and beyond.

Definitely stay tuned for upcoming updates and announcements! As always, follow me on social media if you want to hear it there first.

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