Why You Should Be Using Instagram to Grow Your Freelancing Business

Instagram isn’t just a place to post bikini photos or snapshots from your recent vacation anymore. Rather, it’s a lean, mean business tool with plenty of analytics and supportive features you can use to scale any kind of freelancing business. Considering over one billion people sign onto Instagram every single day in an effort to escape their immediate reality, they are more than willing to follow you, your brand, and your freelancing journey. Trust me.

There are a variety of ways in which you can make the most of good ole’ IG as you grow as a freelancer. Some of the major ways I leverage the app every day include:

  • Finding freelance writers to work in my agency
  • Posting polls/questions to my IG Stories to learn more about my clients and followers
  • Networking with fellow freelancers to launch industry tools
  • Sourcing my own clients that I then work with privately as a copywriter

Plus, by putting effort into your IG, you can also benefit from brand deals and sponsorships since they will want a piece of your IG real estate pretty much after you crest the 2,000-follower count.

Here are the most important things to keep in mind when using IG for your freelancing business:

1. If you want to source professional clients, then you need to maintain a cohesive business account. It’s not time for personal, odd photo dumps from your latest trip. You need to stay on-brand and within your specified colors and fonts. Cohesiveness communicates professionalism to clients, and they will be more likely to work with you. Don’t forget to utilize the Instagram Business account feature as well! It’s free and provides you with a slew of tools to manage your content.

2. Video is Instagram’s priority. Instagram hasn’t exactly hidden the importance of video on their app today. Pretty much 9 times out of 10, opt for recording an IG Story, IG Live, or Reel. Static posts and photos are getting downgraded in search results. It’s all about interactive content when growing an account.

3. People want to be seen and heard. There is a lot of competition online, which is why followers will want to be ‘seen and heard by your profile. You can do this by responding to their comments under your posts, as well as responding to DMs. Don’t forget to utilize Polls and other interactive tools in your IG Stories that really engage people.

4. Authenticity is the only option. People are burnt out by heavily edited photos and fake narratives. They want the real, messy thing today. And trust me, they can tell if you’re not being authentic. Just be yourself in your content and show your followers your real workstation and work process. They want to know you, and more importantly, they want to know your story. Everyone loves a good story.

5. Consistency wins, every time. The most consistent people emerge victorious on social media today. Try to post at least once per day to your feed, and at least 5-6 times to your IG Stories. If clients feel you are present on IG, they will be more likely to reach out to you and inquire about working with you. It merely takes about 30-minutes of your time each day and is beyond worth it.

Social media is only going to become more important in our impending meta-world. If you have not considered Instagram and its business potential yet, I am imploring you to do so before it’s too late!


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