How to Become a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr in 3-Months

[This episode has been transcribed from the Freelance Fairytales Podcast]

Alex: Welcome back to the freelance fairy tales podcast where we chat all things remote work, freelancing, mindset and financial freedom. This week, I’m very excited to welcome on Angela Stein, who is a level two Fiverr freelancer who offers unboxing videos for clients. I can’t wait to talk about that. Having made a $1,700 her very first month freelancing for everyone listening to that, followed by $3,300. The following month, amazing. Angela is a testament to what is possible on freelancing marketplaces, if you apply yourself and commit your time, although she still works full time as a personal trainer, my sister does this as well. So I feel like I know a little bit about it. Her freelancing income has already surpassed her day job giving her options she never used to have before. Hi, Angela, welcome.

Angela: Thank you, Alex, thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to be here.

Alex: I know I’m super pumped. You’re here. There’s so many things about your story that is a first for the season. So I definitely want to dive into it. I love talking to people about where they were and kind of what gave them the the idea to start freelancing because I everyone’s story is different with that.

Angela: Yes. So I actually was inspired definitely by you. I saw your story on the Snapchat stories. So you were featured on there. And I was like, Wow, this girl is a ghostwriter. And making so much money. I didn’t even know what a ghostwriter was, yeah. I was like, wow, that was so inspiring. And then also, it was my dad. He was he did not come from too much money when he was a kid. But he started his own firm when when I was born, and I guess it was monkey see, monkey do. I always wanted to work for myself, because my dad and I was just so inspired by him. And I wasn’t like my friends after college, all of them wanted to move to New York, California and just start in, you know, corporate America. And I never had that urge. So I actually really wanted to do YouTube, and I did YouTube for five years. Wow. Yeah, I did it for five years, consistently, consistently posting two to three times a week. And unfortunately, it just didn’t work out for me, I have been making groceries and gas money, and I had to really take a good look at myself in the mirror. And, you know, I was getting older, I’m going to be 28 soon. So I was like, I need to find something that actually pays my rent, and, you know, can help me with my future.

Alex: And I know now you do personal training, too. Right?

Angela: Right. So I do personal training. And I do it six days a week. And I love the flexibility with personal training. But I always had that urge, like I said to do YouTube. So I was thinking about, you know, my passions. And I, I always was editing when I was like 1213 years old before YouTube was even a thing. And I saw your story, I kind of just connected the dots. I saw that the unboxing section was a new section. And I knew from YouTube that there was a high demand for it, just because that’s what I was doing on my channel. People need products. And then I was creating a video for them. And so I just was, you know, honestly just praying, I was like, It’s been five years, I’ve never made much money online. And I really hope this works. And by day three or four, I received a few messages. And I was like, wow, this is it. Like I just I just had that gut feeling. I was like, this is going to work.

Alex: Wow, that’s so amazing. So it sounds like the video editing is kind of a part of you. Like you’ve loved to do it all this time. It’s been like the constant you just haven’t necessarily known like how to apply it in a way that makes a ton of money. And I always say that to people like don’t don’t run from the things that actually bring you joy. Like just because it’s not making you a lot of money at YouTube doesn’t mean you can’t go use that exact same thing that you love, and go freelance and make money that way too. And so Okay, so I want to talk to you about unboxing videos. I’m very new to this. I don’t know much about it. So correct me if I’m wrong. That’s when a brand will hire you to unbox and film it so that there’s like a consumer experience. With it, am I getting that right?

Angela: No woefully. So pretty much they can hire you for a customer review type video. It’s like an unboxing video, like you said, or the other common one that I get requested is like an ad style video. So that usually entails, like video shots that are in my kitchen, outside, whatever it may be. And then they ask for text and a voiceover. So that’s more of that ad style video. But I would say that a one minute unboxing video is my most common video that is requested. But once again, I’m so new to Fiverr. And I really just hope I can inspire someone that’s just starting off because I’m only in my first few months. So I’m honestly still learning everything.

Alex: Yeah, I’m inspired by this. I don’t even know the first thing about filming an unboxing video, and I just love hearing about these new ways to make money online. So would you say all of your experience on YouTube over the years probably has made you really good at this? Because I’m guessing there’s like different video equipment that one probably needs to do good unboxing videos.

Angela: Yes. And I know you’re somewhat familiar with this, I saw that you started your own YouTube channel, too. Yes, I wear the lavalier mic in my head, just to try to stand out from my competitors and make it look more professional. And then I already had the professional lighting. And then I have my camera. And that’s about it. And then you obviously have to have experience with editing, which I’m going to be doing by myself for a long time. But if I do need an editor down the line, maybe in a couple years that would save me a lot of time because as you know editing can take a long time.

Alex: You know, I have so much respect for people who do YouTube hardcore because I just cannot get into it. There’s there’s so much that goes into it. Like there’s there’s just there’s the script, there’s the video, there’s the editing, there’s the SEO, there’s the titles, there’s the descriptions, the thumbnail, the like, the key words, like I’m just, I don’t know how people do it. I don’t if you were doing it for five years, God bless you because it drives me nuts.

Angela: It’s honestly so hard. And I know this before as well, but my fiber list with all my orders. I’m like, this is the biggest blessing in the world. But it’s also so stressful because I think when I think of freelancing, I’m like, Oh yeah, I could just wake up and be in my pajamas and get started on my work. But unfortunately, with with my gig, I have to get dressed and look really nice every day and get ready. And I think that’s definitely the hardest part. And, and also, as you know, a lot of the sellers, or a lot of the buyers are not from here, so sometimes tell me what they want. And you have to take the initiative and break down their English and figure out what they want in the video and what what you need to say.

Alex: Yeah, and I feel like you probably have so many transferable skills, you probably could open 10 other gigs with all the stuff we must know about YouTube, like writing the scripts, you know, or doing. I don’t know, like a minute, you could probably even offer like YouTube video editing is huge. And I don’t know, are you considering opening more services in the future? Are you just kind of like holding constant right now with your one gig?

Angela: Oh, I definitely broke your golden rule of rule, that’s for sure. So when I started, I had that gut feeling about this unboxing section, I just thought it would do really well. But I did open one other gig that I recently got rid of it just didn’t work. It was a gig about creating a video for whatever fitness related work you wanted. So if you needed like a workout video I, I offered that I got two messages after a few months and zero orders. So I just thought, let me reconsider. And definitely I want to open more gigs. But the thing that’s so crazy about all of this is that I’m actually planning my wedding. I’m going to get married soon. And congratulations. Yes, I’ve been doing all of this with planning a wedding. So I know deep down. Once I start adding more gigs after the wedding. I know that I just have that great like optimistic feeling like I just know that this is it. And unfortunately, all I can handle right now is the one gig. But definitely, in five weeks from now I’m going to create some more and I have a few things in mind. I actually was really fortunate my parents sent me to this bilingual school growing up and fluent in Spanish. And I was thinking about opening a gig where I offered the same thing but just in Spanish. Wow. Yeah. Smart. Yeah, I don’t know how it’ll go. Yeah.

Alex: So I know people listening to this right now. Love, there’s always fascinated with how many hours per week people are working, and especially for you that you’re working another job at the same time. Can you kind of walk me through like, a regular week for you? And where you find time for fiver on the side of your personal training business?

Angela: Yes. So I, when I first started fiber, I was working roughly about two hours in the morning as personal trainer, and then probably three to four at night. So a double shift. But as fiber started to grow very quickly, I talked to my boss and I actually had to ask him to cut me down to a single shift. So I’m proof Piper. So typical day now is usually, like I said, three or four hours in the evening or morning, just one shift. And then the rest of the day, honestly, is filming while the lighting is good, and then the editing at night. So I need to time myself to see how many hours I’m putting in. But it’s definitely a lot. But it’s yeah, for myself. And like you always say working for yourself is just so much more gratifying. And you don’t you don’t have to listen to a boss, you know.

Alex: I know for me, that’s the number one reason I do I do all that. Also, can we talk real quickly about how you are a former pro gymnast? It’s very casual, right? Like, that’s just crazy. So you What did you start doing gymnastics at like two or, like six months old?

Angela: Yes, I started. Yeah, I was two years old. And then my goal was always to do it as an NC double a gymnast. And once I was 18, I got recruited and became a gymnast. But it was incredible. But yeah, when I was young, that was when I was creating those gymnastics videos and editing and sending them out sending them out to all of the colleges and things like that. And okay, it was an amazing experience very hard, but I think it just like anything in life. It gives you a lot of discipline and yeah, know what I want. And I just tried to execute it and just keep trying till it.

Alex: I thought that was such an interesting part of your story cuz I’m sure it undoubtedly, you know, obviously is made you who you are. But I’m sure it’s also made you fearless. And a lot of ways I’m sure. When you were getting started on Fiverr. You know, did you have any of those like imposter syndrome moments? Or were you kind of just like, I’m gonna do the damn thing and get out of my way. Like, what was your thought process with it?

Angela: I had a really good feeling about it. But I was so I was honestly very sad that I had tried YouTube for so long. And unfortunately, it hadn’t fully worked out. Use people that do so well. And it’s definitely possible. But people you don’t hear about the ones that don’t do well. So after I set up my fiverr gig, I was actually pretty sad the first three days when I did not receive a message because I was like, Oh my gosh, like I just I kept trying like I just kept trying online and and then once I did receive the messages, I was optimistic and I just was hoping that my first few orders would do well. And I really wanted to make sure I got those five star reviews just start off strong.

Alex: I love that those I love getting the perspectives of people who’ve been in this you know in your level two already in three months that’s that’s amazing. What would you say has been like the biggest one or two challenges for you the these first three and a half months or something? Maybe you didn’t anticipate?

Angela: Yeah, I think just getting used to this online world I wasn’t that I’ve learned a lot of customer service. It’s very difficult when you put eight hours into filming and then you turn it in and you’re so excited and the video is such great quality and then they quickly say Oh, can you just scooch back a little bit and oh, I think that part was a little bit wrong. Can you just worst one and yeah, it’s like a revision for a video is just so much work and it’s you have to really keep your composure and stay calm and yeah, customer service but I wasn’t expecting how much work I had to put it into it my fiance has seen like how busy I’ve been and how late I’ve been staying up and I definitely did not expect that but I I would do it over and over again.

Alex: I love it since you started with all the demand Have you increased or changed your prices at all like with the different levels you’ve advanced or has it kind of stayed the same?

Angela: Yes, I oh my gosh, so much. I raise my prices so many times because at one point I had 15 videos in my order queue. Oh my God, it was the worst month ever. Just like with my other job, I was just so stressed out. So I started off on my very first video was $35, which was way too low, but I just wanted to get those initial order thing. And then I raised it to 50, then 75. And now my lowest package is 85. And then the package is 150. And the highest is 250. But there’s a lot of add ons that go with filming, as you know, like, yeah, the B roll, you can do text, the logo, so many different things.

Alex: I always ask everyone who comes on how are the people in your life with you doing this? Sometimes people can be funny, or friends, family, significant others, you know, sometimes people can get a little funny with it. So I know you said your fiance’s been seeing you run around but have people in your life relatively been like supportive of you doing this?

Angela: Yes, they have been. I know exactly what you mean. Because I’m not going to say any names. But after I got engaged, oh boy, did I lose some friends. I’m sure I’m sad. You never, I just, I would never expect anyone to lose friends over something that’s such a happy moment in your life. But as for the unboxing videos, everyone has been supportive, and it’s very fresh. But I did notice that my friends have gravitated towards me a little bit more. And that’s wonderful. But I think that’s kind of cool as well, you know?

Alex: Yeah, that’s, that’s a great way to have that play out. See, I’ve had people on here who say, you know, a lot of their friends kind of disappear into the weeds. And I you know, it’s like, of course, then you look back and you’re like, Oh, was that person actually my friend then if they couldn’t be happy for me when I was like you said like, my happiest. So I’m super happy to hear that. That’s how it’s been going for you. But for the people listening right now, they probably would want to know from you, cuz you made 1700, your first month 3300 Your second month. So you doubled it. What are your tips like? Like, what do you think you were doing that first month in that second month that got you so much success so fast.

Angela: So I think you really have to take the initiative to create the video that they’re trying to describe, because they’ll give me talking points. But and sometimes they’ll give me a video example. But a lot of times you have to be very creative. And also, I think it is necessary to give some free revisions, I do have a revision fee, if they ask for the whole video, which sometimes I charge some sometimes I don’t. But customer service is so important, and just making sure that they’re really happy. And just also, sometimes I go above and beyond on my videos, even if they didn’t ask me to add in text or something. I’ll do it anyway, just because if you give them 110%, they will notice and you know, you can always take the lazy way out and that’s fine. And you still might get that five star review. But for example with a video, I actually added just a little special touch. And then right after I delivered it, he was like, wow, oh my goodness, I purchase $300 more worth in videos, right? So I think just giving it your all and also staying organized and having the good equipment, the good lighting, and the good audio is the physical part that you need as well.

Alex: Yeah, I know it really at the end of the day, it’s all about just making the client happy, you know, which some sometimes isn’t fair, because I’m sure you’ve had a couple at this point, you know, unfair clients come trickle through. And I feel like that’s the hardest moments for new freelancers, especially when you’re not used to these people. You know, when they come through and say this video sucks, you suck, and you’re just kind of like, oh, like, What are you talking about? So that’s awesome that you kind of like you’ve already understood at the end of the day, it’s just more worth it to just go along with what they need than it is to fight that on it.

Angela: And I’m sure you know, and you’ve been through that too. And I’ve had a couple of them already, where they’re, they sometimes just don’t like your vibe. They’re like Oh, like Yeah, yeah, like can you just redo that and you know, it’s just depends on the person but like, most of them are very nice.

Alex: Good, good. Now do you see yourself in the future turning this into possibly your own like freelancing agency or growing it? Maybe in like 2022?

Angela: Yes, I actually do after the wedding January 2, I’m like, just planning ahead for that like full going full out. Because I do see myself opening more gigs. There’s a spokesperson section as well that I would like to go under and then leave there’s one about that. product demonstrations and things that are similar to mine. And then I think there’s a voiceover section that I might want to try as well. And then honestly, I don’t know if it’s would be too soon, but maybe the writing section just to see how it goes. And if I do need to outsource in time, I’m definitely would love to and love to get that help, especially with editing. Unfortunately, I have to be the one filming videos, but I can get some help. And I would love that.

Alex: I like those are the things that I find funny that probably other people don’t. But I don’t know you should do you should do something cute tying into your wedding to let everyone there support you with this. Not that you need help with it, though, clearly. All right, what would you say as we wrap this up here, someone’s listening right now and they haven’t started their freelancing journey yet. They’re stuck in the analysis, paralysis side of it. And everyone listening you guys, she’s only three months into this and look at how successful she has been so quickly at it. So what would you say to this scared person who is at home and they like they just want to do it, but something is stopping them?

Angela: Yes, if you’re scared or having an identity crisis, which is what I was having, I didn’t know what to do. I want you to think back to yourself, when you were 1312 years old. And what would you do in your realm when you were by yourself and you would lock the door and you would just be in there alone? For me it was watching binge watching YouTube. So just think back to yourself as a kid and the answer is honestly right in front of you. And do that. Don’t. Don’t listen to society. Don’t listen to anyone else, do what you have always gravitated towards, and focus on that one thing and just get started and give it your all always give it your all and be passionate about it. It it it will really show through in your work.

Alex: I love that I you know, I say that to people all the time. I’m like, what were you doing when you were 610 12? You know, it’s like society beats it out of us, or almost makes us feel like childish to think back to to that. But it’s like, that’s really the essence of who you are. You know? Great advice. I don’t even have anything to like add on top of that perfectly says something like I would say so for everyone listening. Where can they do business with you and where can they find you on social media.

Angela: So my Fiverr profile is Angela Stein. And then my Instagram is Angela Stein three and my Tik Tok is also Angela Stein three. So definitely reach out I would love to talk to you and help you with any of your future video projects.

Alex: I love it pitch in herself right on the podcast. Let’s go. That’s that’s the mood. I’m here for Angela. Seriously. Thank you so much. This was amazing. And I now I’m going to go look at unboxing videos because I’m just curious. So thank you.

Angela: Yes, thank you so much for being the person that really inspired to do inspired me to do this. It really has changed my life. And I definitely am so new to this and the game that I would love to talk to you and or update you in a year just because it’s so new and I would love to give you updates in the future.

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