Contribute to the World of #WerkItFromHome

Alex is constantly looking for other writers and contributors to share their freelancing and digital nomad stories with her. She will consider and post blog submissions that highlight points of interest in the online marketing world.

What we're looking for:

All blog submissions must be professionally proofread and include one or two high resolution images. Backlinks will be checked.

Blogs of predominant self-promotion will not be published.

We’re always hiring:

Alex is always in search of high quality writers that want to join her team. Must be able to write 6-days per week. Submissions will be sent 24-hours before they are due.

Additionally, Alex is currently in search of virtual assistants for the EyePop universe. Alex is looking for assistants that have experience with data entry and organization, as well as assistants with experience in researching and categorizing social content.

Have questions? Email us: with the subject ARTICLE SUBMISSION.

What’s next:

Alex is presently working on two full-feature online courses, to be released summer 2020. She is planning to release her first full-length novel in 2021. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to join the burgeoning Freelance Fairy universe.