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You Don’t Have to Be Shakespeare to Become a Freelance Writer

Too many people today will dismiss freelance writing for their future because they will convince themselves they are not “good...
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3 Secrets for Brand New Freelancers

Let’s say you’re new to the world of freelancing, you just quit your job, or you’re looking to start anew....
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Three Exciting New Online Courses Expected for Fall 2020

Hey guys! I am finally back from Utah where I just wrapped up filming three different online courses. The production...
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Alex is a NYC-based full-time freelance writer, digital nomad, app owner, and brand marketer today, known for her 6-figure empire on Fiverr.com. She has been freelance writing for over 5-years to date, having recently launched her photo trending map app, EyePop, in the App Store. Alex is passionate about sharing her tricks and tips for making money online, which is why she spends all of her free-time curating video content on TikTok today.

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